Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monthly Friend, she never fails me

Ok, maybe once or twice she has/had failed me, but you know, I got two semi great cute kids out of that failure...and she has given me quite a few frights, but all in all she's the most reliable thing in my life. Practically like clock work.
I just arrived at work. 537 am and thanked the Goddesses, or whatever I'm to thank, that there was a plate of chocolate bar cookies sitting on the counter out front. YESSSSSSSS. I grabbed 4, oink oink I'm on the rag!, my gallon of sweet ice tea and sat down with my bloated, zitted self to think before working. Here's what I thought:

Can blogging make us all have our periods at the same time?
Am I going to bleed to death today? Because today feels like it might be the day.
I can't bleed to death today because I have my final exam today...maybe after the exam.
If I drive off the side of the road, would anyone notice?
would anyone say anything if I didn't put any makeup on today?
Whatever happened to that Prince on the white horse that was to come for me? Damn him.
I'm glad I never got those vampire teeth hole tattoos in my neck.
I hope the street people aren't in the bathroom, I want to sit down in peace.

There's the most thinking I will probably do all day...including for my test. I'm off to read the blog roll.

write ya later

1 comment:

jozette said...

oh nooo. you think our blogging proximity syncs us up? that would be crazy. cause i'm so on the rag it's unbelievable.

off to find myself a plate of brownies...