Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday pictures

goofy faces over Booby's Bday Margaritas..these were the smalls!!

my eyes are crossed!..tryin to be funny
Jimmy and Leslie..and their "small marg"
the pink bug ;my love

red chairs 
they will have cream handles!

and,,,I made a 


lapetitemort73 said...

Those are BIG ritas!!

That is an awesome little bug, I could totally see you in it!

Red chairs, mmmmmmmm, yum

Congrats, smartay woman, you rock and stuff!!


k said...

I knew you could do it -!!!!!!

Mint Julep said...

i want some of that margarita!

Jessie said...

Exsqueeze me?! You have a pink bug. You are cool. We basically read all of the same blogs, and me thinks that means we should be friends... Ok, Hai!