Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Skull book cover

Because I couldn't let the kid go to school with a paper bag on his book or Lord forbid the purchased book cover...we made a hip happenen' perfect for the Hot Topic back to school gear cataloge ...

I was thinking...Hey I need this on a Tshirt...why am I always making crap for other people?...ok it is my kid, doesn't count.

The Book cover looks like a pillow huh? just realized that in the photo.

But it's actually pretty cool.

1. find the material you want to use.

2. Lay the book on top and allow for 4 inches extra on each side of the book and an additional 1 inch top and bottom.

3. I hemmed it with a normal double 5/8" hem all the way around.

4. Do one side first...Fold( right sides of fabric) over the 4" on one side pin and stitch at top and bottom.

5. Turn right side out and put on book.

6. make adjustment and pin other side of book so that it is tight, but so that you can close the book...(remember you have a binding on the book!)

7. Stitch other flap of book right side together to make the part you slide the book cover into....turn right side out.

at this point it should fit the book,somewhat tight, make adjustments on top and bottom if needed...If you measured correctly it should fit pretty good.

***we decided it looked kind of plain so I took a piece of craft felt and pieced together a skull and crossbones and sewed it on with contrasting thread. You could hand stitch or sewing machine.

I just winged this, so I'm sure you can do it also...It took about 45 minutes max from start to finish and it's not super fancy...just plain old cool
write ya later


lapetitemort73 said...

that's really cool =)
you have to be one of the best moms ever

bakingwithplath said...

That's so awesome!