Sunday, September 21, 2008

Because my life is boring right now

I got this great email from a dear friend....I changed all the names...I should save it for Friday...But it may be perfect for it is long, but oh so funny:
" here it is WTF is up with people?

I don't understand why people find it so difficult to show up at work and do their job. Its not like we have it rough we basically just have to show up but, apparently even thats asking too much. Everyday no matter who it is thats working they are late. Not a 1 or 2 minutes late but at least 30 min late. Of course the only time its busy is in the morning when I am by myself. Today Dorka called at 7:30 "I overslept, I'm going to be late" no shit, you're already late. So once again I'm working by myself with a line of people, not so patiently waiting people. So 1st thing, I check in a lab patient then then I have to wait 5 min while the printer is "warming up", well thats nice, I didn't get a chance to warm up this morning. Then of course the annoyed employee wants their $5.00 petty cash and they are special you know, so they shouldn't have to wait. Then its the limited English speaking person who just doesn't understand why they have to pay $30 for their ER visit they have a wecare card, doesn't that just magically make their bill go away?...well, yes it does, all but $30 of it went away...then they pull out their huge wad of cash and pay. Next up is the lovely construction guys who are working on something somewhere and are suppose to meet someone sometime at someplace. Well thanks for all the info guys I appreciate it and yes it would be my honor to figure it all out for you while you stand their and stare at me. And of course while all this is going on I'm trying to answer the WORK phones....then finally say screw it and gave up answering, which prompts another visit from Lola in the ER to find out why I'm not answering when SHE calls to tell me that she is sending me some more things to do.
I say,

"Listen, I'm not answering because I'm busy and yes I can hear the phone ring and yes I can see that its you calling and yes I can here the tubes dropping down into the station and yes I know they are probably from you sending me more crap to do and yes I know the reason you won't walk the damn papers over like you do every morning is because you know I'm alone...busy...and could use a little help and heaven forbid that help come from you even though there is absolutely no one in the ER and we always rush over to help you out!"

So my morning pretty much sucked and then Dorka (almost forgot about her, huh?) strolls in at almost
9:00 coffee in hand...WTF wheres my coffee? Then even after she finally shows up it takes her an hour to get ready and come out of the cashiers office all the time I'm still registering all the patients, answering the phones, and doing bedboard. Then just about as soon as she comes out Susan comes over for breaks...good I'm ready for a break (remember I still need a coffee) but oooo Dorka goes on break. Ok, thats fine I can wait, at least Susan is here, (the only other sane one left) and I can get a coffee in a few. But noooo Dorka doesn't come back until the bedboard meeting is about to start and I've already had phone calls all morning asking "wheres my bed" so needless to say I have to stay and I have to let go of the idea of having a nice cup of just wasn't meant to be. Its 11:00 lunch is in an hour no problem...right? Well, Dorka goes to lunch 1st but first decides she needs to make a couple of phone calls. She finally leaves and then doesn't come back for an hour. Now its 1:10 and I literally just stood up to leave for lunch when Bosslady comes out and says Lola in ER is "slammed" and needs help. She has three people to register...the same three people that have been here forever. Ones been here over an hour the next 45 min and one for half an hour, what she has been doing since they first got here I don't know. Anyways, I sit back down, whats another missed lunch break. Finally at 1:45 I go to lunch. Thats good at least now when I go back to work I'll only have another hour and a half before I'm off... thats good. So after lunch I begrudgingly go back upstairs, Susan looks over my shoulder to check on the ER to see if she should go help Lola before she goes home. I told her no just go home don't give her another break there's not even anyone to reg she'll be fine. I was wrong about 10 min after she left Leann called and wanted to know when she was getting her afternoon break. Seriously, SERIOUSLY!?? I about had a nervous breakdown. Let it go, let it GO...its friday its almost time to go home. I was so excited to see Sasha walk in (never thought that would happen) she was early and I could go. Not yet, she had to go do something first but would be right back. Silly me I was on the phone working when she came back so she was going to go get some water. After 15 min I realized "get some water" was really code for" flirt with the security guard". She finally came back and I was on the phone again so she was just going to go talk with Bboy. To top things off Janet came in to do an interview and while she waited for the sucker who applied she stood behind me while I was talking on the phone and ran her fingers through my hair (you all know how much I like that). Seriously...she kept doing it the entire time I was on the phone and even after as I was trying to give Sasha report so I could get the hell out of there. What is wrong with people and why do they always feel the need to touch my hair??, I don't really know you, I don't know where your hands have been or when was the last time you washed them, huh? So...with that my day was done. It couldn't have ended really.....couldn't it have ended sooner?
All I can say is....What The Fuck....its my new favorite phrase


thanks A....I couldn't have said it better...I swear


Lapetitemort said...

This is why I like working from home.

Though I have been having daydreams of opening a bar that serves New Orleans foods, mostly po-boys and red beans and such. Oh, and beignets on Sundays with Irish coffees...


Mint Julep said...

My life is boring, too.

I just embrace it.