Thursday, September 4, 2008

Close Encounters

Click the picture to see it closer!!!
I was looking thru my pictures and I came across this huge phallic beauty I had taken a few months ago while at the park.  I was thinking about how penisy it is...because that is how my mind works, that is probably why I took a picture of it.  Upon closer inspection I realized we had a sighting, a UFO sighting.  WOW!!!....broad daylight and everything.  

Maybe it was the large phallus which drew them near? Maybe it was the fresh Boulder air?  (actually even fresher because it was Longmont).  Maybe they were looking for a more intelligent life form, which would have explained why they were flying around me....being of the smarter sex(me), standing next to the large phallus, taking a picture. 


Mint Julep said...

looks like a UFO to me, you penis loving woman of extreme intelligence.
good eye.

spiffydoug said...

Two birds. One is already in front of the penis and the other (ufo) is following. It could be a flying dildo.

v8_grrl said...

you two are goofy. THAT my friends is a UFO...I'm sending it to the 9 news