Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Done and Done...

I walked 3.5 miles at a fast pace, actually probably faster than I run.  Sad I know, but my 11 year old said, "Mom you gotta be the slowest runner in the US....who runs a 15 minute mile?"   I do kid...slow and steady wins the race...with no broken bones, blisters or windburn...so take that.  

I've googled if I can lose weight by walking fast.  The answer I keep getting is if I walk fast enough, far enough, and long enough....Hmmmm?  I'll say this as I stumble down the street.  I wanted to bring to the forefront what really goes on in my feeble mind when I have to exercise.   

I have my entire run figured out to know exactly how many calories to the distance=one beer...then there is a sub category for types of beer.  If I run 1 mile, its a low carb/low cal "Heineken Light"  (which Momma does  not enjoy). The thought of drinking that beer is the main thing that keeps me going to mile #2.   If I run the 3.5 miles, that is one yummy micro brew of you choice in a  bottle....NOT DRAFT.  If I run the 3.5 miles in the morning, then, ride the kid around on the bike in the afternoon I can have the Draft of my choice, sometimes 2, if I ride to the brewery and back,   (not recommended).
Along with beer= miles calculations I think about eating.  What can I eat when I get home?  What if while I'm gone they eat everything and I starve to death?  What if I have a heart attack while I'm running and no one finds me?  These are all very irrational thoughts, but hell, it's my head...I think.
I hate running. 
After about mile 2 I usually hope someone drives by and asks if I need a ride.  Of all the time I've been running, no one, not a single person has ever stopped.

I realize that being fit is a good thing.  I'm fairly fit.  I'm 5'2"  with my Big Shoes on and about 117#...but 5# on a short person is a sin!  Ask my work pants I tried to cram myself into this morning.  So that is it.  I will continue my healthy program for 4-6 weeks and we'll see what happens.  


Mint Julep said...

Why do we torture ourselves?
I do the same thing.
I am a curvy woman, am and always will be. My strategy is toning. As long as my parts are proportionate, then I am a happy girl.

lapetitemort73 said...

Ok, I will begin again on Thursday. Though, the running will take me a loooooooong time to build up to. It's like I'm beginning from square one again. The sad part, I still don't even crave my alcohol. =(