Saturday, September 6, 2008

early morning...on a cool Saturday

It's 6:30 am here and I just rolled into work. I have abandoned taking the bus or doing anything eco-friendly, although I did pull my co-workers recyclables out of the garbage when I got here, for just plain old driving. I didn't want to come in. It's the weekend, no one else has to work...well, none of the people in my household who were looking so snug curled up under the warm blankets have to work, as I looked for clean clothes to put on. Curses to them!

I didn't put on makeup, I barely brushed my hair, I broke dress code and wore jeans, because who cares I all ready have been written up, and prayed I didn't see anyone I know as I walked into my office. The co-worker left the heat on 94 so as I unlocked the door I could feel the sauna. Jeesus. Well, I guess instead of being at work I'll pretend I'm sitting at my laptop, although it's not a's one of the 1987 CPU's for work, and pretend I'm on the beach in Jamiaca. MMMMMMMMm much better...Jamiaca....

Except this is not Jamiaca. The realities of life some times smack me in the face.
At school Friday the head of the Nursing Department came in and said the nursing list for 2009 is full, which means I will not be getting into the RN program until possibly 2010. I can work as a LPN until then, but I want to just get it done! I am not going to let it deter me. I have completed all of the prereq's and many people haven't , so when I graduate in Dec from LPN, they said I have to wait 3 weeks to take the NCLEX...then as soon as I pass that I believe I can sign onto the RN list and maybe some people will drop. Which happens. Inbetween that time I will get my ducks in a row, as they say.

My goals are:
Take a vacation.
Do something for my kids.
Pay off my bills
Get better health inurance
Buy Bobby a Vespa
Do the best I can do

My motto right now is to not worry about things that may happen 3 months from now. The goal now is to focus, get through this last set of LPN clinicals. Learn my Med. Pass so I feel comfortable doing it. And to maintain our bills. I can't control everything, which scares me, because last time I let stuff go something was discovered which set me back a bit.
write ya later,

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