Friday, September 12, 2008

feeling blah

so, I decided to do some self portraits.

I don't like my looks...My mom was a beautiful showgirl with beauty you wouldn't believe...did I get that? NO...I look just like my dad. Freckled in the weird way, stringy hair and big nose. It's ok...after I 39?, after 38 years I have grown to live with it. My technique is: when I see a picture of me...I don't look...I save it and look next year, then it usually doesn't seem too bad. (I'm such a genius) Back to subject on hand. Before I go spend $$$ I don't have trying to make myself feel better...I'm thinking panties...I thought I would check out the new stuff on the "photobooth" on my imac...they are funny and when the kids and I do it we laugh and laugh...didn't quite work the same for myself , but as a bit of self loathing therapy I thought I would post them.

Myssi in Cinemascape, on the rollercoaster in her computer room

Myssi, appearing to be flying off the rollercoaster, but in the incorrect direction...stupid gravitational pull

Myssi, she has a great personality, so don't worry...she'll be fine

Myssi....with eybrows(because her hair is so light she has no eybrows or eyelashes)....a fancy mustache (takes away from the nose, you know redirects the eye),,,and a lovely flower.  
see the look on this guys face?  This is what I'm dealing with...He often has that look when I'm around.  Makes me , well, you can guess.

As my mom said, " myssi,You have a great personality and a brain to boot, who needs looks with that combo?"  

Well, Mom, too bad you couldn't live long enough to see how it all turned out.


lapetitemort73 said...

I personally think you ARE A BEAUTY, outside and in. So put that in your mug and drink it.

p.s. i deal with issues like that with myself too. i can't stand to watch or see myself unless it's old stuff, pictures. even then, i just tuck them in a book or something.

spiffydoug said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! You don't see yourself in the whole, just a nose, thin is the whole package that makes you

bakingwithplath said...

You're beautiful!