Thursday, September 11, 2008

holy blogaroonie..I've been Kirtsied

What do I do?

when I checked in this morning all kinds of greatness has happened!!!

heehee...I better link them huh? I don't have time to look at everything cause I'm bustin a move at work...boom chuka boom chuka...gotta get the work done!!!

I'll get right on it!
I got some goofy stuff to post in a bit...
here's a quick run down ...
My "gifted kid" is a num nutt...just like his dad, my ex, (i'm saying this with kindness)
Taking the 4 yo to the dentist (parents, you know how fun this is)
Made an A on my test
had my first Med Error....on my second day of med pass...nice


Laurin said...

Hey, that's how I found you today. Kirtsy is the BEST. Your blog is funny. I look forward to reading through the archives.

v8_grrl said...

thanks! You all are awesome...I wish I had enough time to read everything in everyone else' won't allow me the time...BUT...when I ride the clock on the weekends at work...I will look at everything!