Thursday, September 11, 2008

My gifted child is a num nutt

I wanted to relay a set of occurances which happened starting with my 11 year old last night and progressed all the way to the teacher.  I don't know, I thought it SO summed up my daily life...i laughed all day about it....and everyone who knows Ilin Blue just laughed, sit back and read.  I've added a bit of commentary.

conversation last night as I search the middle school website for homework assignments to check if everything is being done:
:looking at website:
"Ilin, are you in Honors math?"  
Ilin(squinting at computer screen): "Uhhhhh, i don't know, I do graphs and stuff...that doesn't look or sound familiar, I don't know...I just do what they tell me....mmmm...nahhh, I'm not in Honors, no, Mom, nobody has said anything about gifted or honors anything."
mom:  "Really, didn't you test for it?   You were in it last year.  What are you doing in class, ask the teacher!"
Ilin: " Yeah ok, I'll ask, but I don't think we have HONORS."
mom: "Well, look ding-a ling, it says 'Honors Math' right here."
Ilin: "I DON'T KNOW!!!!  I just go where they tell me,,,,, it doesn't seem like Honors Math, don't you have to be smart?"
mom:  "Never mind"

email the next morning to Ex:
"Dear Ex (changed name to protect the innocent and stupid),
do you have time to get onto the westview website and email Mr. Mowry and find out why Ilin is not in the honors math?

Ilin is on the blue team.
and I want to try to get him in the harder classes. I think if he has higher classes he'll work harder.
i have school all day today and have zip time"

email Mr EX sent to school

Mr.. Mowry,

Hello I am Mr. EX, Ilin's dad. We want Ilin to get a firm grasp on math as early as possible and would like to know what steps we can take to try to push him into honors math.
Unfortunately math wasn't a strong point with me and we thought, if he is capable,into the honors class which would make him focus more.

I am sure he was assessed and we are just curious what he is lacking that kept him out of the honors class. I understand that some people just don't have a strong mathematical mind (like me :-)) but we want the best for Ilin if at all possible.

Thanks for the help!

Mr. EX

email I got from Mr. EX later ( heehee)
subject: Well I feel like an idiot
We'll I feel like an idiot now..........

From: Mowry R
To: Mr EX
Subject: RE:

He is in honors math, and has been since the beginning of school.

Mr. Mowry
6th Grade Blue Math

Now that is what you call parents in the proactive form and very out of touch.

Here's my email I sent back to Mr. Ex

You know who should feel like an idiot...your gifted son who told me he has no idea what type of math he is in and is pretty sure he's NOT in the gifted or honors stuff. I said to him last night. Are you sure? he said, no one has told me anything about honors math...

ding dong
he's got your genes :)

this is totally going to keep me laughing ALLLLLLLLL DAY hahahahahahaha

Myssi Graves

this just sums it all up...
boys....MEN!!!!  NUMM NUTTS (my new fav. word)

I gotta go drink myself into happiness, although that pretty much made my day.


lapetitemort73 said...

Silly rabbit boy...

k said...

One thing is for sure - He'll never be full of himself. Wait til he starts driving in 4 1/2 years