Tuesday, September 9, 2008

woop dee effin doo

I gave my first shot today!!!!  Sounds exciting huh?  

not so much...it was insulin.  In the nursing world, not very notable, not like a big IM ass shot...just a little skinny needle in the tummy.  But I did it.  No problemo, so if you are in Boulder and need your insulin drawn and shot...here I am!  

Funny part with the nurse I was following...You always do a blood glucose test before you give them their shot and before breakfast.  Well, this lady was in for vaginal bleeding for over a month.   It's a lot of blood...I hate bleeding for 4 days so I can only imagine bleeding out your bottom half for a month or so....anyways, I go to do the finger stick..."poke"  not a lick of blood...did It again....no blood...finally I got the little tiny finger on the hand she never pokes and got blood and did the reading.  When I went back to the RN station the Rn said, "how'd it go?"  I said..."I can't get any blood!..Can I get the blood from her vagina?"  and the rn just looked at me like I was a reindeer with four heads and Xmas lights dangling from my antlers.  I just stood there for a minute with the glucometer in my hand, letting her take it all in...then I said "Bwahhahahahahaha....I'm Kidding!!!!  jeees Louise!!!  come on!!! I'm smarter than I look...it's all done, and to set your worries at rest the blood came from her finger"

The RN shook her head and just walked off...the other RN and the CNA thought it was hysterical.  heehee.  Some people have such poor senses of humor.  Lord lighten up, it's just sick people.

My day finished as non-eventful as it started...and I am now done with one more day of clinicals.   

I rode my bike to pick up Olive at daycare and huffed and puffed the 2.5 miles uphill home with chubs on the back...work out complete, but the last time I checked ...ass still big.   

oh well, tonight I have to start Cardiac drugs and all the care which goes with it.  Here's one of my big problems...whenever I study a topic, I'm pretty sure I'm dying of it. So, on that note...if you don't hear from me by Friday I have had a heart attack,aka MI, and all my classmates are too idiotic to help me.  



Anonymous said...

Ok, so yeah, I would have been laughing my arse off at you =)

And, DUDE, why isn't vaginal blood just as good (cuz I is stoopid with real reasons)? I mean, it's blood, right? Or maybe I'm just watching too much horror shit. and I'm just used to bleeding for way too long now and wish they could take it from there instead of a collapsed vein?

You go woman, nurse!!

Anonymous said...

...I totally do the same thing when I look up symptoms on web md...even though I know it was the 5 beers I drank last night causing my headache, it could be a brain tumor right? Great blog, thanks for putting it all out there cause it`s really funny :)