Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can I get in the Big Bed?

May I sleep in the big bed?
When Olive asked me this the other day it brought back memories of my childhood and the mystical "big bed". The most comfortable refuge in the child's world. It is like the womb of all wombs....always warmer,always more comfortable, and always able to fit more people than the average bed. When I was a little girl my parents, who were quite the "cocktail party" types, would leave me home alone. I realize now that maybe that was not the safest form of babysitting but I did not know or care then. They would say, "Go get in the big bed and we will be home soon". I would watch TV and eat my snack then fall asleep in the vast comforts of the California King bed and the mounds of down pillows.  This became my memory of travels around the country.  Laying in the big hotel bed while my parents were seeing a show on Broadway or gambling in Vegas.  We traveled.....I curled up in the Big Bed.  
My daughter just comes right into our room.  Boundaries never respected.  She comes in and just climbs up and crawls over the top then curls up in the middle, breathing sour preschooler breath on the unfortunate parent she faces.  I never did this as a child.  I knew the boundaries of the parents den like room.  We weren't allowed in the bedroom, unless invited and we were rarely invited.  On Saturday mornings I would go upstairs with my blankee and curl up outside their bedroom door waiting for someone to wake up.  When I became an adolescent I couldn't wait for my parents to leave so that I could pilfer through their room.  Starting at my dad's candy stash then moving towards my mom's "Joy of Sex" book and then finishing my spying up on the big bed, munching  on M&M's and looking at weird pictures of some sort of Feng Shui sex positions in awe.  ahhh the memories.

Now, I barely use my bed...except for the obvious.   I don't have time to curl up and relax.  Winter time around the corner and longer nights imminent.  I hope to find the time to pile in and relax, kids, dogs, cats, heating blanket and all.

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