Friday, October 10, 2008

Day of Urology

Did I tell you guys that the other day I saw more dick than a whore on Colfax? Well I did! Big Dick, little dick, hairy dick, big balled balled dick (if you can believe that one) and inside the dick. There are truly some things which can not be explained without seeing it first me, Urology is one of them.

please watch the's educational  :)

Many people do not realize that when they do anything with the penis the Dr. goes through that tiny little hole at the end of the penis. It involves a cool machine which looks similiar to a video game stick and lots of water...

tool for cramming up the penis hole....

the Beautiful Prostate

Yeah...Lot's of water. It was amazing. Did you know they scrape the prostate off with a "hot loop" in order to widen the area? Well you do now, and I saw it all first hand. It's not all doom and grossness in the urology surgery area. There was some humor. The nurse (not me) shaved the wrong side of this super hairy Yeti and the Dr. had a meltdown and said as punishment she would have to reshave so that at least it looked like they had some sense of what they were doing... Then some guy actually sat up why they were doing the procedure!!! Yikes scared the piss put me (no pun intended). MORE DRUGS!!!!!! Don't worry, the man and his penis were fine. I on the other hand was totally freaked out!

So, so far I have experienced many things and still haven't figured out what I like, even penises didn't keep my interest for very long. Maybe I can get some good suggestions for nursing. I think I might like VA. They have lots of stories, lot's of issues and could use a few good nurses. Hmmmm? I gotta go back to school. You guys have a great weekend....I'm gonna have myself a Martini after school. One more week down.
write ya later

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JB said...

I about pee'd myself watching that video... that was hilarious! And it made me smile more knowing that we could giggle over that together!