Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the miracle of life

OH MY GOD!!!!   yesterday at clinicals, the ones I had nightmares about all night, were awesome.  

I walked in the door at 700 am, the teacher pushed me towards a "Salty" RN and I was off.  I walked into the room, did my silly introductions and 1 hour later was looking at the busy end of a very pregnant lady!  She gave birth at 840 am to a beautifully perfect 8.2 oz baby girl.  I got to help with the entire thing.  Afterwards I did a full baby assessment and helped with fundus massage (which, unless you take A&P) won't care or know what it is.  I have never in my life seen a baby being born from that angle!!!!  I blubbered like an idiot, well quietly blubbered, it was so beautiful and for that woman to let me stand there and help she must have been high as a kite.  Anyways, it made my Uterus ache.  I was high on baby smell all day. Bobby announced, twice, that he was fixed and to stop talking about it and not to get any hare-brained ideas like pulling some Angelina Jolie adoption ring.....what a way to shoot down my high.   

I'm sure today I'll be snapped back into reality because I have to go to "headstart" Pre-school and observe 4 I don't do that for free at home.

I hope all is well.  I miss my Synda...I miss my Sissy...and my Kandy....and I know this is due to lack of money, time, and the holiday spirits floating around.  I'm broke, but refuse to accept the obvious and just keep going forward.    2 more months of school then I graduate...and can work, get back into a better $$$ situation and start planning for the next round of school.  

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell everyone about TUT
I'm not sure what the entire website is...someone sent it to me and then you do this little OATH about being the best you can be, and it sends you messages from the universe everyday.  I read the email first thing in the morning and it really helps.   The other day it told me to stop focusing on, but keep in sight, the big picture...focus on the small, do the best you can do and the big picture will be there.  

yeah...small is good.  That is about the most my brain can handle.

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That is so amazing. =)