Friday, October 31, 2008

Miss Mint Julep...YOoooHHooooOOo

I had to address this because I thought it was hysterical...Maybe it's just me, but I love to hear when people think alike, even if it is a scary way of thinking.

So earlier today Mint Julep (go check out her cool blog) posted this about the hurricane which hit Olive's "bedroom...

"OMG that was too funny! What a mess. My kids will not have any toys. Just tv to entertain them. 
So, it looks bad to bring the kids to a liquor store? I'll have to remember that.
My husband just found out that you can't go for a run while your kid is taking a nap."

Why is this funny? because I always said the same thing. Then you know what happens?...your mean friends who have yet to have kids or have kids who are grown up, buy every noise making, itty bitty pieced set of plastic, lead filled ,goodness for your child.  It's reaaaally funny to them.  Hysterical actually.  They love to see you open up the "learning barnyard toyset" with about 78 tiny pieces, that is able to loudly sing Old Macdonald in 5 Languages with motion detector alone, and oink like a pig, while strobing out the entire bedroom with red, green, and blue lights.  Awesome huh?  yes...and for some reason it never seems to be the type of toy you can sneak from the child's room.  They always KNOW when it's missing even if they haven't touched it in 4 months

As far as the part about realizing you can't go for a run  while the kids are took me til kiddo #2 to figure out that one.   I'm amazed that boy even made it as long as he did.


JB said...

I was always a fan of giving the 1,000 piece sticker set.

And you always know the recipients of that gift. You've seen them driving along side you at some point with about 1/3 of the sticker set on the back window... yep... vengence is mine!!!! muahahahahahah

Andrea said...

that Mint Julep... she's a wise one.

can't wait til i have a bebe or 2, she's going to be the first one i call to babysit... if she is willing to for go(sp? wtf?) a night
out with fun fun dre!

and, i'm going to insist she teaches/talks to them in that awesome
accent of hers.

can you tell i'm a fan?

Mint Julep said...

I'm glad that made you laugh. It made me laugh, too. Thanks for writing a post in my honor. You rock!
I really do hate all the shit kids end up with, but I'm sure I'll have my fair share. Karma is a bitch. I am guilty of buying those enormous "fair size" stuffed animals as gifts. That gets the parents everytime.
I am availbale for babysitting as long as the fridge is stocked with yummy food. I don't need to drink, but it's a plus. And I'd be happy to teach them some fun cajun phrases: Shut up and stop boudayin'!