Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Never Surrender....

As my old friend Corey Hart once said,"Never Surrrrrrrenderrrrrr ---rrrrrr". (well, he's not my friend, I actually never even listened to his music....I was too busy getting my Pink Mohawk to stand on end to take time for that crappy music.) But I do remember the heart aching video. Canada's version of Chris Isaak. Point is, I NEVER surrender. I don't give in on a fight (even if I'm wrong), I don't take back my words (even if I feel bad), and I NEVER, EVER let knitting or sewing get the best of me. I will kick that stitching's ass!
With that said...I nearly gave in yesterday.
I'll tell you what. I thought I would whip myself up a pair of cozy mittens during class, yeah right. I had my little pattern and my stack of needles because I was going to knit 4 needles...like with socks. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Not gonna happen.
I sat in class with the girls asking me "How's it going Myssi?" It's not... rippppppppppppppp.
"Myssi, did you get it started?" Yeah, I got it started approximately 15 times now but still have not figured out the needles. RIpppPPPpppPppp.
Class #1 (2 hours) done with class...still sitting with yarn and 4 needles, well by now the yarn looked like twirly ribbon I had to take it out so many times.
Class #2 It's starting to become comical, because I have now listened to 2 hours of lecture, taken a test and made an A and STILL cannot figure out how to hold 4 needles and make a tube.
So much for nice easy mittens. Hell, Synda can do this...why can't I? (No offense Syn)
Maybe I should read the directions? Screw Directions.......I have all of lunch (1 1/2 hours).
1 hour and 10 minutes later I'm still dumbfounded. At this point I have announced that I WILL get it. It's not rocket science. It must be something simple. I start asking anyone who walks by. Can you knit on 4 needles? Hey, pssst, can you knit with more than 2 needles? Hey, you over there...come read this...tell me what it says to you.
No luck.
But I did NOT surrender. I was exhausted by the time I got home but I did figure it out. 9 hours later....got that 9 hours!!!! I could have 15 pairs of mitts done.
With help from:
How to DPN

So, I have one mitten started, and one to finish, because the normal person chooses to wear 2 mittens...and I Never Surrender!
Then next I will move onto Hats....Because I have a pushy friend that wants a Hat that says "ASS" and then I'll secretly put hole next to it :) Joking...

Today is going to be a grand day. just remember friends....
" Never Surrenderrrr-rrrrrrr"

write ya later


roXy said...

Double pointed needles are a bitch! That is why I was trying to tell you about an easier way. Not only do you never surrender, you are STUBBORN!!!!

spiffydoug said...

If you don't know how to knit it is no big deal if I get my Ass hat. I don't want you to learn on my account!