Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So gross

I just spent 1 hour and got no where on cleaning my tub.  It's gross. I was going to take a picture but I was embarrassed.  Can you believe that?

I went in there thinking I will start on the tub and move outwards.  I still ahve not moved out of the tub.  It appears to be getting worse as I scrub.  I must be releasing the inner grime.  It's like scummy grossness that I couldn't really see until I started scrubbing.  I thought at first that maybe it was the sponge, so I switched sponges.  It wasn't the sponge.  I scrubbed and scrubbed then thought, "I need something more."  I headed for the kitchen sink to see what I had.  I first got the vinegar and baking soda.  Worked pretty good but it was hard to make it stick to the side of the tub where we need it.  (This is all Bobby's fault.  Him and all his damn hair goop.)  The grime just kind of peeled off in little turd balls like, I don't know,like dirty neck sweat on a 9 year old boy.  YUK!!!  I headed back to the kitchen and grabbed every toxic substance known to man.  I realize this is against my "green" nature but it's gross!
 1.  I dumped some "lime away" on it:  appeared to not only take away streaks of the grime but also appeared to remove the tub finish...can't really tell due to the nature of the grime.  Goodness.  I'm glad I got rid of that crap all in one shot.  

Sorry fish!

2. Next, the last bit of clorox cleaner.   nothing.  Maybe it was bad. Can clorox go bad?  It did make a nice intoxicating I had to take a break to clear my bathroom cleaner brain fog and open some windows.  It's 930 am and I'm contemplating beer.  

Stupid tub grime.

3.  Internet.  Hot vinegar.  Ok...let's see.  I will run it through the coffee pot then pour it on the grime that way at least the coffee pot will be clean. worked a bit, but went straight down the drain.  damn it.

4. I'm sorry, but I'm going to Target to get some toxic scrubbing bubbles I can't live like this.  

It's like when I go into my son's bathroom and it seems ok, then I lift the toilet bowl seat.  ARRRRGGGHHHHHH.   
Sit down when you pee son!   Jesus Criminy.  Get some in the toilet.   
I hate house cleaning.  I'm not good at it I can't focus.  I start one thing and then start another.  I'm gonna go vacuum.  wish me luck.


Lapetitemort said...

I would be willing to join you at a morning beer...


k said...


v8_grrl said...

foamy spray. came right off. I feel so much better