Thursday, October 23, 2008

still need a costume idea

So, I found a few that you still have time to whip up.  Let me know how it goes.
this first one is quite clever.  I'm sure you can put your own spin on it.
(click on the links to see where they came from)

this next one kind of freaked me out...but it is good.
really check it out

Maybe a few costumes for the entire family?
Just think twice before wearing these to the Neighborhood Halloween Parade...or at least don't email me back and bitch if you do.
anna maltz

How about a set of costumes for a night out with the girls?  I guarantee you will be a clit...I mean HIT.

you and your husband could go as He devil and She devil
Oh wait...those aren't costmes.

how about for your 2 bestest guy friends

the Ambiguously Gay Duo?

Or this for your gross friend...
Me no likey

Well, anyways...whatever you choose have fun
where a rubber...and don't drink and drive...

and for the parents out there.... when trick or treating parents come to your door.  ahve a cooler of beer and small cocktails for them to trick or treat out of....make it worth their while.


Jozette said...

ohh myyyyyy. these made me really laugh.

JB said...


Mint Julep said...

I wish I had the energy to make one of those.
I haven't decided on a costume yet.
Brain. Still. Tired.