Sunday, October 12, 2008

story of my life...Unfinished Projects

I have anxiety about starting projects and then finishing them.  Crafty stuff is to be fun, right?  My head reels with ideas.  I have boxes of bottle caps, so many that my friends even save them.  Friends that come to the house and have a beer know exactly what cabinet the bottle caps go in and I have been collecting them for so long they have even stopped asking me what the hell I was going to do with them all.  I'm gonna bottle cap a table, or a house, or you art.  I get on sewing kicks.  Like my computer bags...Then I don't even want to do them, well that usually happens when someone says ,"hey I want one of those, I'll pay ya".  BLAhhhh.  Yesterday I decided to finish some of my little projects I started so that I could start knitting or crocheting...since it is getting cold.  I need some Mittens!  I have baskets and baskets of cool scraps so I thought, hell, I could make some little bags to put "stuff" in.  Nothing in mind...just use the scraps, so that I could get something else.  
I started this cute little zipper bag.  Should have taken about 30 minutes to make, but what did I do?  I put the zipper in upside down, on the wrong side.  Story of my life.  So the 30 minute bag became the 2 hour thread rip out and mess.  But I did get it all out and redone.  It's cute...jazzy...something I would buy if I ever spent any money on cool stuff.  This is why I make things.  Every time I go to Anthropologie or some cool little boutique I say, "I want that...Shit...45$...I'll make it".  The birth of too many projects.

backwards zipper...nice and typical/

then I have this stuff I need to finish
computer bag

one of these little bags needs a butting hole...which I hate there it sits

But I did start over on the travel bag that i screwed the zipper up on and got that done
cute huh?
I'm hoping to relieve some of my crafty pressures by getting organized.  I'm going to open up my knitting bag and see whats in there.  Make myself some mittens.  and try to relax


bmommy said...

Cute fabrics! Reading your post was funny, because I actually did bottle cap a table once in college. It took me two whole days and by the end of it I was completly high from all the shlack (or whatever the hell that glue is called...) Good luck with your projects :0

swpiffydoug said...

It sure was cold this morning and I sure could have used a knit hat in red and green!

v8_grrl said...

it's coming!...soon