Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life is too short...

To spend time voting on Judges and issues. I really should not say this, because I am an avid voter and actually take it pretty seriously. I get the book and start studying the issues at least a month in advance.
Oh What did you say? Book? What Book? There is a book that goes with voting?
Oh yeah...let me tell ya a little something, here in Colorado, we have a Flipping Book of issues. Approximately 30 issues to vote on and then we have to vote on whether to keep all the judges(10-15) and such. I have heard we have one of the longest voting ballots around. So, last year when we could barely get everyone in to vote in a timely manner before polls closed, it didn't surprise me one bit. Like I said, I believe everyone should vote, but maybe people should consider doing a little research before you close the curtain. When these people walk in, and boy howdy you can tell, you know it's going to be a long process. They have no idea. They don't know the issues which in turn causes them to read every little word before casting a vote (which they should do...but at home before you go vote) and they take forever! ...You guys do realize you can just vote for the President, Right?
In all the local papers they put out a practice ballot for us idiots in Colorado...you can fill it in at home with a beer in hand, ask your neighbor's advice or drive around and read all the signs, whatever the case, you can do it before you go to the poll. That way, when you get there it's in and out in about 9 minutes. I timed it...and that is from when you close the curtain until you reopen. Now multiply that fast 9 minutes by all the registered voters in your community...some being old and slow...some being dumb and slow...some just being dumb...and some not being able to read in English....This is why we have problems in Colorado at our polls.
So, do us...and me a favor....Practice before you vote, so that I don't have to waste my precious time off at the gate.
Oh yeah and note to newspapers and people with the info...How about info on the judges...Why we should or should not keep them? Who do they support, what are their beliefs...that way I can make and educated decision on their livelihood opposed to voting according to if they are female or not.


Anonymous said...

FYI, for the 2008 Judicial Performance Reviews

See: http://www.cojudicialperformance.com/main.cfm?webdiv=426&top=182

It's broken down by choices on each County's ballot.

v8_grrl said...

hey..thanks anonymous
i could have used that.
I hate having to skip over something

Lapetitemort said...

I could have used that too!
I had my little blue book of amendments worn out by the time I had gotten done filling out my ballot.
It was super nice to have that, as I never had such easy access to info in Louisiana.