Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dear Synda...My slither arm warmers

Oh my god...
the buttons are the only thing left.  they will be done just in time for Summer....story of my life.
I have to study...I'm scared for the test, sometimes I just hope I know it by Osmosis...stupid Pathophysiology...all that class does is stress me out, give me zits and make me realize my liver hates me more than my kids do.

I have a zit the size of Canada on my chin...
how was the playdate?  
did the house sparkle in all of it's cleanliness?

I was looking at my ass in my jeans...I have the perfectly placed pockets, my ass looks hot...(affirmation to myself)
I think Jillian's Shred is paying stomach is looking good too.   


C.Anastasia said...

Is the point at which I am supposed to post some biblical references anonymously and quote religion to inspire you? I guess I prefer to say "nice butt" instead:)

v8_grrl said...

heehee...thanks for the non religion.

nice ass is sufficient...god would approve...he apparently created it ????

whatever...people are strange