Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the drive to work

I drive the same way everyday...same time...same days. I drive it so often that I sometime arrive at work not remembering the drive at all. A frightful thought....so today I payed attention. I observed my fellow drivers and was quite shocked at the view. The beauty of the Boulder Foothills made my eyes wonder left and right, then I began to look at each car I passed or ones that passed me. Here is what I observed:

people eating breakfast as they drove: bagels, weird paper wrapped fast food, donuts and I even saw one young man eating a BOWL of cereal as he drove with his elbow and knees.

one man reading a book on his steering wheel

one man reading the newspaper

one man shaving his face with an electric shaver, and doing quite a nice job considering he was driving.

I passed a lady who was flattening her hair at a red light, the light turned green, I zipped by as the people stuck behind her started to honk....interesting...didn't realize you could plug one of those in while driving.

a older lady removing huge beer can type rollers from her hair...she had really big hair.

one small child licking the window...el yukko

many dogs in many unsafe places in the car...including a farm dog riding in a flatbed truck on top of a tool box...I thought to myself, I hope his toenails are short because my stupid dogs would slide right off of their on their toenails.

many other types of normal car driving activities; nose picking, zit picking, hair twirling, kissing, and paying attention to everything but the road.

So, tomorrow I will go back to the safe, non mind scarring way I usually drive...in my own little world...Me and NPR...and a safety cup of coffee.


redmenace said...

Tomorrow, you need to go back to the bubble and pretend you didn't see those things. That's where it's at. Thanks for leading me to your blog. I love it! And, thanks for the congrats on my engagement. It's exciting! I love the sea glass idea. And, btw, I LOVE gummo too!!!

justjp said...

Umm ignorance is sweet bliss!

Steph said...

Awesome observations, like the one about the guy eating cereal while driving. Yesterday I actually braided my hair while driving on the freeway to work and holdng the steering wheel wih my knees!!!

Lapetitemort said...

It actually makes me hate getting in a vehicle on a road when I do. I've gotten to where I wish I could walk, bike, bus & lightrail everywhere... I'm getting to the point where I just may.