Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday and I'm done

It's noon. I'm eating at my desk...
purple potatoes and veggie sausage. mmm mmm good.
I have completed all my work short of some scanning that needs to be done.
I have sent off stupid silly emails to everyone on my email list and now...
what shall I do. I brought my book The Reader, so that I will be ready for the book club.

I am trying to stay till around 430, when wendy and I will walk next door to the TOAD and have a Friday cocktail with friend. 5 oclock is 5 hours away...that is a long time, especially in work hours.
Hopefully I'll make it.

Also, My kid is staying home this weekend which means I have a free babysitter. I emailed Bobby and asked him out. He didn't reply. How could he resist? I would go out with me, even if we have been going out for 8 one more night going to kill him?

damn him

So for the remainder of the day here are my work goals:
finish lunch
sanitize everything in the office
read my book ( i do get breaks)
scan the stuff I need to
write my scholarship essay (unless someone else would like to volunteer to do it for me??)

then go for cocktails.

love ya
have a great weekend and if you ahve any blogs you want me to look at...send them my way...
I have time, plus I need some new ones to add to my roster.

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