Wednesday, March 18, 2009

gotta hitch in my giddyup

These past few weeks have been a doozy. I told my friend, when I came into work today,I just want to have a week where I don't have to do anything out of the ordinary. You know, come to work, do the job, go home. Not have to go to a meeting at a different place, change of times, blah's always something. On that note I have resigned to allowing myself some breathing room. Trying a few new tactics.
Yesterday, I headed up to the fabric store to pick up some buttons for my arm warmers. I had previously bought all the buttons they had on the shelf and they assured me (3.5 weeks ago) that they would reorder. I went back in and they STILL didn't have them! So I tried that thing rich people do, even though I was in the ghetto fabric store in craptown. I tried to demand some's how it went...
"excuse me, who is in charge of ordering buttons?"
"Her name is Elaine..."
"ok, here's the situation, I bought all the buttons on the rack over there and they said they would reorder when they saw the empty place holder, that was 3 weeks ago."
"M'am, it takes about 3 weeks..there are a lot of buttons?"
"hmmmm, ok...well, listen, it WAS 3 weeks ago that I bought all of them and now I need more, plus some, and no one has ordered them...can you please get a manager?"
The chick behind the counter looked at me over her glasses and said, "She's on her break." and walked away.

Good job, Myssi...way to throw that 117#'s of pure pull around. On a break? ok...and what did I do? I turned around and left.
Without my buttons. I'm short 7 buttons on a knitting project I have been working 9 months on. They are so lucky I'm not a postman.


justjp said...

Lol, "they" are on break. Story of my existence.

twelvekindsofcrazy said...

laugh out loud...kekekekekke