Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's snowing...we are to get 16" by this afternoon. I called home and said, "Ilin, please put on appropriate clothes for a blizzard."

See, he has to walk himself to school. Sometimes when I come home from work I see he hasn't even put on boots to walk the mile...he wears his crappy skater shoes.

"Do you want to freeze to death?"

maybe it's better than going to school...

~yeah, kiddo, I hear ya...I thought the same thing on the way to work...maybe I'll slide off the road and not have to go~

Well, I made it to work, which sucks butt because now I will probably be stuck here. Although I have plans to leave even if I have to sit next door. See the hospital never closes and when there is a blizzard they started doing weird stuff like asking you to spend the night so the next shift doesn't have to come in. NO...I came in...they can come in, it's Colorado....they better figure that shit out.

Last night Synda came over and we did the new Jillian Michaels 40 minute circuit training. It was hard!!!!! I actually thought I was going to die, but Synda kept saying, "look we are almost done" Today the sides of my ass feel like I was punched and my stomach muscles are saying hello. I wish it wasn't 40 minutes long...40 minutes is too much to wrap my brain around when I'm getting ready to work out. 20 minutes is doable....40 minutes torture.

Best part was when we were all done and we got to have veggie taco salad and a cookie (and a small beer, shhhhhhhh). We planned to go to Bikrim tonight...but with 85" of snow....probably not.

I guess I better get to work, because honestly, I am going to try to leave around 1 pm. I have a chapter to finish reading for micro. and a short essay to write for a scholarship I'm applying for...Plus I need to finish those damn "slither gauntlets". Synda mentioned something about knitting a bucket hat for the summer...of course all I could think of was:

I think I would look snappy in that hat.


LiLu said...

I think "snappy" is the ONLY adjective you could have used there..

Douglas said...

Just turn it off at 20 minutes