Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks for the encouragement

You know...
I just really needed that little bit of encouragement yesterday.
I got a call from within the hospital that they needed a MA float/perdiem to fill in.
I said, "I'll take it" It's not nursing but its patient contact and will let me use some of my skills.
I marched my little butt down to the lab, asked for a bunch of butterfly needles and tubes to practice drawing blood and crossed my fingers.
**Carlos did ask who or what was I going to practice on...I said ARMS, what the hell do you think...I'll find some somewhere... (he was nice enough to tell me to come back if there were no arms willing....there are always people in the lab willing to lend in's to make up for all the bad sticks they had to do in school.)

When I got home I got on the horn and called the ever willing Synda to get her skinny, non veined arms to my house so that I could practice. (Thank God for her) She is never excited about it, I'm pretty sure she hates needles, but she still sits there and lets me do it. I got it the first time and she only said the tourniquet hurts, and that the poke hurt like a poke...but nothing major. One tube of blood and a bit of relief I think I'm ok.
I need a few more arms to practice on...but this is a start.

It's Friday and after I work a bit maybe I can come up with something real to post. It's been a few dry months.

write ya later


C.Anastasia said...

When you say MA is that some acronym for a phlebotomist? I think you're doing the right thing. Keep looking ahead:)

v8_grrl said...

it's a medical assistant :)

JB said...

I will gladly give you my right arm anytime. My left is too easy :-)

moxieknits said...

hey, turns out we'll be at goosetown instead.