Tuesday, March 17, 2009


new day...
So, today I go to a different part of the hospital and train as a Medical Assistant...not quite an LPN but it's people contact and you know what they say...the more adaptable you are the more easily employed you are.
So, if you think that just doing your ONE job super good is enough, it's not. You need to be able to do many different things. Remember...you heard it here.

Yesterday I had my 2nd Pathophysiology test...I believe I made a 79%...which is about a B in that class. Good. Two more tests to go then I'm done with that part of it.

The RN stuff starts june 1st, but before that is the crazy time. The points where I have to figure out how I will juggle family, work, getting the kids back and forth, homework and clinicals (which is working a shitload for free). This is a big transition year for us because it is also when Olive starts school. Good in someways, bad in others. I am going to keep saying that change is good and when one door closes, another opens and ya gotta just keep on goin.

I have to get to the Surgery Department and figure out what my "new" job will entail.
This is my first 12 hour day...

write ya later

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Lapetitemort said...

It's always good to get as much "learning" and experience as possible. Good Luck! I hope all went swimmingly.