Monday, April 27, 2009

Bikram...if it doesn't kill you

the first day, you will wish it had on day two. I am not an avid practicer of Bikram...or anything for that matter,but since I started my 190 day count down to getting in shape I have really been embracing...,well, everything. At this point nothing can really hurt. I take that back, it appears that everything actually hurts, but I am proving to myself that if you stick to it you actually start to firm things up. ( Note*** guy in picture above...firming up)

Synda's Bikram class has not a single man in the class which looks like that. If she did, my 190 days would have been completed in 35 days because I would have attended every class, every day, in order to view that beauty.

Most of the men resemble this(see below), usually a bit hairier, often less clothes. You get my drift.

Look, I'm no Jenny Mcarthy either, but when you are busting a sweat and a want something to look at to keep you motivated.

Back to class. 190 days have now moved down to 27 days and anything that seems like a good workout is getting my vote of approval. Bikram burns 1000 calories and that is all I need to say.
I have finally figured out how to make my body move into some of the poses and make it out of the 90 minute class in one piece. The problem is the next day I often feel like a Mack truck has tapped me in the rear. My weird muscles hurt; ex: armpit, crotch, ankle? Who knew I had muscles there? Whatever the case, today at work I can barely type, but in the back of my mind I know I burned 1000 calories, used my imagination to make man with hairy chest look like man with boner (above), almost mastered the "Locust Pose Salabhasana", and after a few more Jackie Warner and Jillian Michael's videos I will be ready for the summer. Will you?


Lapetitemort said...

I have been pretty consistent for the past week. Today with the snow screwed up my scheduled outdoor routine, so it will be a video this afternoon. Of course, I really have nothing to look forward to to really motivate me hardcore like you do.

I want to see plenty of pictures when you are on the beach!

v8_grrl said... of me?

if i was to end up missing...they would never have anything to even put on the "missing" flyer.


get that jackie Warner will tone you up in a week

Lapetitemort said...

Really? What's the name of it? Is there more than one?

Lapetitemort said...

Course it would probably help if I gave up my nightly libation too.

Cynthia Dark and Light said...

Does your Bikram Yoga joint post signs outside demanding "No sweats allowed." The one in Madison did. I was always thought it was kinda weird but a good echolalic type autistic phrase..."Bikram yoga. No sweats allowed." Kinda catchy.