Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday...and 2 hours to go

Hell to the Yeah...Because of NO MANDATORY OVERTIME....I will be leaving in about 2 hours approximately 9 am, right about the time my coworkers roll in. Hee Hee...Today I'm leaving the work for them....

Yesterday I went and bought the

so my butt can look like this:

Synda and I did the moves in the living room as my 12 yearold and his buddy had to be directed to LEAVE>>>GO AWAY!!!!!.
I plan on running today, and trying to eat properly. 60 days til beach.
Everything is toning up, yet we can't quite figure out how to get rid of the layer of Mom Belly. (Synda, we really should take a picture so people know what we are talking about) . Synda pointed out yesterday, that if we had started working out this hard right after the babies were born (5 years ago) we would be looking bangin' right now. No kidding. But we were in denial and now we pay the price.
The funny thing about the Jackie Video was : everyone had spray tan abs. We need those...they should sell the spray tan with the video...they would sell more videos, I'm sure of it!
Between the fake lesbian boobs and the spray tan I couldn't quit giggling...
but as far as review of the's the exact same...and I mean EXACT as SHRED. We are thinking that possibly Jillian Michaels and Jackie were Lesbian Lovers...makes it all that more interesting huh?
Picture it...picture it...see it in your mind

now let it go...

I will quit droning on....Later today I am going to do a Workout check back :)


Lapetitemort said...

That's so funny because guess what's on Bravo today? That's right, Workout, but you have to sing it when you say it.

Is the mom belly what my cousin's wife calls a "testicle belly"? Like it looks semi flat, but she squooshes it between her hands, and I swear to God, it looks like hairless testicles! Too much?

You go girls!!!

v8_grrl said...

HAHAHAHA...i hate to admit it...
but yes that is it...testicle belly...sounds sexy?

jeesus christ that is sooooo
not MILF
unless you like testicles.
I'm going to take a video..or make Synda take a video of it.
no faces attatched