Thursday, April 23, 2009

Night at the Group...

There is a bar down the street called "Group Therapy". This is in ingenious name considering the derelicts which hang out there. It's the type of place where you are worried about your car, where you parked and how far it is from the parking space to the actual door. Once inside, just as scary.

We went to see a friend's band , "Burn", which plays absolutely NO original music. All 80's except for the few Nickelback crap songs they throw in. It's like Karaoke, but louder. It's almost as if you are in the middle of, let's just say, Opp, Alabama in the only bar with all the locals jamming in their big white sneakers playing air-guitar to Van Halen, beer dancing,and karate kicking... and it all seems OK....until you step back out into reality and realized you were in some sort of David Lynch movie.

After belting out Jessie's Girl and a few Toto hits I told Synda she had to come to the bathroom with me. I sure as hell wasn't going alone. As we rounded the corner to the bathroom we could all ready smell it.

Synda says, "Oh my God...I'm not going in there."

I on the other hand am a bit more adventurous and also work in a hospital so the smell was bearable, plus I had to pee, bad.

I walked in, walked out, "Give me my camera!"

Here's what I saw:

yes that is blood...lovely...but besides the stench, for some reason the toilet was clean.
very juxtapose, don't you think?

I got the hell outta there...but I did pee, balancing carefully.
When we got back to the table, Joe was making nice with the locals.

If these people are any of YOUR people, I guess I should apologize, but I won't because it was quite comical.
Although Joe did not have his Hooker Money available, he got a free picture to remember the event.
I believe she is trying to convince Joe for a 20$ you know what. That is why he is laughing.

This guy lost his pants and his teeth.
I'm not sure why we felt we needed to be discreet while photographing him. He was hammered.

We finished up our crappy beer and left via the cloud of cigarette smoke outside the front door, and watched the remainder of said family above dragging each other to the motel across the street. I bet they will have a nice time.

Another fabulous night at the Group Therapy.
If ever in Longmont CO. you must visit the Group.


Lapetitemort said...

Oh my! You just made my day!
It reminds me of some of the bars where I grew up in LaPlace where they still have Milwaukee's Best as the high quality beer, haha.

Cynthia Dark and Light said...

Funny stuff or perhaps not so funny but it totally cracked me up. Bless you for emerging thyself in other cultures. The grody pictures from the bathroom, well they were grody and raw.