Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1977? My Family was Fancy

That's my sister ...the brown one :)
Aunt Kathy is sporting the Sophia Loren's.
what are these people doing?
The real question is?
Who took these crappy pictures and who decided to save them?
they are so nicely centered...the time before we had photoshop.

The cameras put this nice orangey haze and not quite enough pixels....Perfect everytime. No Zits No wrinkles.

Style hasn't changed much in the past 30 years.
Check out my brother Jamie sporting the Izod and My mom in her high-waisted Palazzo "everyday pants".
What is on her head you may ask? Vintage Hair Extensions (state of the art back then).
Mom was a "dancer"...she had nice long bleached blond hair, then wadded it up and stuffed it either under a wig or a hairpiece with ALWAYS a scarf, which of course matched her outfit.

(another nicely centered picture...probably drunk)

That was not our house, we lived in a mansion on MiddleBrook Dr. with a huge swimming pool in the backyard, on the river, with boats . We were fancy...this part of my family was not.
My mom raised ducks in the backyard. Taught them to swim in the pool...then my dad complained when all the ducks would come back as adults and land in the pool.
My mom thought up a good way to designate the shallow end of the pool from the deep for the kids. She had a HUGE Budweiser sticker made....Drained the pool had it put in right where the slant of the deep end started....
My family was fancy....it was an Olympic size pool ( I kid you not), so you can imagine how big the sticker was.

My brothers had a lot of these T-shirts.

Like I said ....
we were fancy.

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Douglas said...

Is that a wolf to the left in that first picture??