Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Secrets

Post secrets at work.
I have to make up a few hours so as not to use my vacation time, so that means sitting at work, filing, organizing and getting caught up. Then I break and read Post Secrets. I wish I could read them in the other languages. I'm guessing their secrets are pretty much the same as's universal isn't it?
Ilin's dad called me yesterday and said they were taking Robin to Moab for Mother's Day...he said he was sorry we haven't communicated much about it,but is taking Ilin.
I had hoped and planned now for about a month that Ilin would be home to babysit, but how could I keep him home if he has a vacation with the step mom to Moab in the works? I couldn't. That would not be a very good mom on my part if I did that. Sacrafice...That is what it is about. It's ok. The kid deserves a vacation, probably more than I do.
My schedule is full and a weekend home will be ok, even if it is the CD release party. I don't think he will even notice if I am there or not. Besides, I need to work on sewing Ilin's shorts for the wedding. I have the shrug to finish and I need to really get organized before school starts. I have been putting it on the back burner and have been doing all kinds of goofy things instead of what I should be doing...let me give you an example: Instead of figureing out all my liscencing and such to do clinicals, I spent an hour or so looking up composting.
After that, instead of figuring out my school/work schedule....I looked up the smallest feet in the world.

could someone tell me what is wrong with me.

Yesterday...I took a Xanax, drank a glass of the crappiest plum wine ever (don't buy plum wine made by the same people who make soy sauce), and then went to Target. I wandered up and down every row, listening to Olive's endless diatribe about Polly Pockets and Lil Pets...vacant.
Listened to David Bowie and wished I had more Xanax.

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