Wednesday, May 6, 2009

spring has sprung

Tonight Bobby took Ilin to band practice with him and Olive and I made Tuna Melts...exciting I know.  
When we were done preparing, I Forman Grilled them, then placed Olive with food, short table and babysitter ( yeah, whatever's called the TV), and came down to write.
I'm sitting here with my tuna-melt and glass of white wine...and nothing to say.  
The George Forman grill rocks ass.  I can definitly say it was the best 17$ my cheap ass has spent in a while.  Jorge was right when he says you can grill anything with half the fat....mmmm....mmmm good.

shit...i spilled my wine...

I'm back, don't anyone fret.  

As Spring has Sprung I am frantically trying to get my yard in order.  Colorado weather only allows us for about 1 month of beautiful green grass then it gets firecrotch hot and turns everything brown.  So brown that you can't often remember the green.

Spring is my favorite time of year.  Fresh, clean, new beginnings and a time to forget the mistakes and start over.  Bobby and I had started digging out the front round of the grass 2 years ago.  I just couldn't decide what to put with the house.  An English Garden is honestly what I wanted but our house is very 1964 modern and the free form garden would not Ying and Yang, if you know what I mean.  
I finally decided on zebra grass.  It's an ornamental clumping grass and I thought it would stick with the modern theme with it's light and dark leaves.  So, my tiny sprigs of zebra grass came in an unbelievably small box and I planted them, with love and hopes of something lovely.  We also planted the hanging tomatoes, the hot peppers and the cilantro.

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