Monday, May 18, 2009


6 more days till the beach. Our weekend was full and exhausting. The highlight, by far, was Rylands #5 Bday. Synda did face painting and really out did herself as usual. The kids were all well behaved and appeared to have fun, which made it easy for all of us to sit down and enjoy a few margaritas and beer.

Friday night went to Artwalk in our little town and walked around. We Found this great vintage lawn seating set. Bobby spent the weekend repainting it to match our other chairs, then my job will be to make the cushions. I'll take pictures soon. It came with this awesome 1960"s yellow polkadotted umbrella which will be a perfect theme for the back deck. Circus inpsired.

Saturday was the birthday party and clean up around the house. Then Sunday, Bobby finished the chairs/seats, put new brakes on the car and I spent the morning making shorts for the wedding for Ilin. They actually came out just like the shorts all the big guys are wearing. They are a bit Fugly, but I didn't pick them and for a beach wedding, this is what you wear, linen Beachy drawstring. I didn't have a pattern so it took me about 4 hours, mostly because I initially hemmed one of the pockets backwards and had to do a redo. I hope someone brings an iron.

Sunday evening, after Olive's swim class, which she failed again, we were all exhausted. The kids made their famous "health Mac n Chz, with mixed veggies in it and Bobby and I had burgers...relaxing on the back deck. This week is going to be hellish getting everyone ready, but it will be worth it.

I'll post the chair pictures tonight.
write ya later


Lapetitemort said...

I cannot wait to see that patio set! I am jealous!
The shorts came out great, just like what I would picture people at a beach wedding wearing.=)
I am mailing out the envelope with mags in it today. Sorry, I get sidetracked a ton. =\

k said...

Not as hellish as mine - I am getting sick and working 12 hours everyday this week is not helping.

v8_grrl said...

Kandy...take a sick day or two...screw it.