Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Attack of the Anxious Kind

How does this happen? it happens so quickly. I am mosing along, meeting my time restraints...getting things done then
Wham Bam Thank you Mam....
It's like the body snatchers have come. I excused myself from my desk with the beautiful view of outside and walked to Ideal Market and bought some trail mix (super fattening) and a Huge Ass Hazelnut Chocolate bar. It did not help because now, along with anxiety I have a tummy ache.

My Xanax is at home

I know where it started. I have been looking for a patio/meditation space idea in the blogs. As I click through them I realize how much other people are doing. Synda has pointed out more than once that these people are only noting the best days of their artistic days and I should not feel like a loser. Yeah...Not a loser.
Then I think about how I want to go to Yoga, but there is no time. How I have projects I'd like to enjoy before the close of summer and it's all ready mid JUNE!!!!!!!!!
Stop it brain (see this is crazy people talk)
Stop thinking...stop dreaming....
Stop list making behind my frontal lobe.

I have a job interview tomorrow.
Another thing to schedule into my life, and if I get the job, another time slot I need to make room for.

all I really want to do is be a stay at home mom with cash and the ability to sew,knit, garden,cook (if I knew how), and drink beer....and maybe run around the block a few times.

shew...glad I got all that out of my system.


Amanda said...

I really want to be that stay at home girl too. Especially in the summer when there are so many other things to be out doing!

k said...

Now you know how I feel - Leave the house @ 6AM - return @ 6:15 PM - that leaves little time to do ANYTHING - if I focus on 1 project or exercise hour - that leaves about 2 hours before I should hit the bed. But I am so tired after driving home for over an hour I usually crash and get my second wind at 9PM - and on and on and on.

Pattie said...

I know exactly how you feel.
I look at other peoples blogs and it just seems like they are doing so much, and moving so fast.
With the first few it's motivating, like "ok I can do this."

But after you get to the fifth one, all of a sudden it becomes..."am I the only person who doesn't have it together....."