Monday, June 8, 2009

creature in the basement

We have a raccoon coming in the dog door while we sleep...or a focx..but I don't think the fox can get open the dog food bins....he has no little fingers.  Maybe I'll try to stay up and catch it.

Monday morning...up at 515 am and it's so bright out it seems like noon.  After yesterday's tornadoes I'm ready for a quiet day.  I got Bobby up, Olive up...everyone dressed and out the door.  I dropped Olive off at Becky's and then headed home to do my 30 day shred.   

So now that I have all the crappy stuff out of the way, I can get ready for school, hit the road at school til 12 then off to work until 6...Good thing we have left overs, so that tonight there will be no cooking...  yahoooo

better put some make up on and fix my hair...
write ya later!


Cynthia Dark and Light said...

I'll be waiting for pics of your creature in action!

k said...

Catch it , kill it and stuff it,