Monday, June 22, 2009

Project: "Green with Envy"

I finally got started on my project for Olive's room. You may remember I picked up this little bookshelf/desk for 40$. I knew it had potential. I had previously worked on Olive's Dresser with paint and fabric and thought this time I would try something a bit easier and a bit more forgiving.

I took the back off so it would be easier to spray paint.
Lightly sand with fine grit sandpaper,clean with Naptha (my new favorite thing).
Spray paint until your finger gives out, then have a cocktail and start again.
Don't forget to take the hardware off.
I actually reused the hardware, it had a cool look
I need one glass knob for one drawer still.
get ready for the chair.

Remove the seat cushion and cut the fabric a few inches larger than the cushion.
I had some cool leftover fabric from a purse I was making. I was going to cover the seat myself but Bobby could barely stand to watch me with the staple he took over....
then hurt his finger,but Olive had some Band-Aids for him

chair all done.
now look how nice.

I'm sure it will all be a mess by tomorrow...but I was able to clean her room, pack up stuffed animals and rearrange. Just in time for her 5th bday.

This project took:
1 old dresser thing
4 cans of spray paint in apple green
fine grit sandpaper
clean rag
screw driver
and a nice sunny day



Lapetitemort said...

Love it!
The colors are great!

Amanda said...

Awesome! What a great job you did! I am sure the little one LOVES it!

Douglas said...


Mint Julep said...

Gorgeous! I always buy second hand and paint it! Much cheaper and way more special!!

Cynthia Dark and Light said...

Looks cute. Picture perfect for a Better Homes and Gardens layout. What does Naptha do? and how toxic is it?

v8grrl said...

thanks !
it is like acetone or something...I'm sure it is super toxic...

hell I don't know...I like the name...NAPTHA

The Lil Bee said...

This is so great...I love that you did it yourselves and the color you chose is gorgeous. That pattern on the pink chair is the perfect complement, too!