Friday, June 12, 2009


I picked up the second half of a shift doing surgery med.assistant stuff today which at the time sounded fabulous. Now it has turned into the longest day ever. I got here at 7 am and it is now 218pm and I still have 4 hours. I switch to the other job at 3pm. grrrrrrrrrr

It makes me tired...
plus I always get stressed when I ahev to do blood draws and haven't practiced in a few months. I'll try to stay calm. and for some damn reason I always have a fight with the scale down there...and then on top of that the blood pressure cuffs never work so I have to do it manually...which is fine, but it takes too much time when the patient is used to it being done digitally.

I'm ready for today to be over. I'm gonna buy new running shoes, I've printed off a half-marathon running schedule for getting ready to run one....and my weekend will begin...if it stops raining that is.

write ya later

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