Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I start school again tomorrow. I'm nervous yet excited. School is not really supposed to be stressful, well not as stressful as I often make it. To me, I have to have everything in order just to get started. The good thing is that we have classes Mon and Thursday, from 9-12. so that is not too bad. I can work fairly normal hours and still be home for the family.
I spoke to a few of my dear nursing buddies yesterday and I think they have me convinced to go try to get a perdiem job. Tomorrow I will take myself to Lifecare and see if I can apply. Even if I just work 3 shifts a month at night that would be good experience and extra $$$. I jsut get so nervous changing my schedule, but now is a good time. Olive starts Kindergarten Aug. 18 and it opens up a new door for all of us.
My goal is to stop worrying and start doing. I shouldn't worry about things that have not even happened yet. right? right.
Maybe I should get my resume in order.
while I'm sitting here.....
at work. :)

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