Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Business

We worked in the yard all day Saturday, mowing, hanging twinkle lights, helping the neighbors move the gazebo, trimming hedges and weeding....then decided it was time to start a few new projects. I'm all for starting new projects...just not so good at finishing so I really get stressed when Bobby starts talking building a new deck.  Today we decided to start on the rain barrel.  I have wanted one for a while but as you may or may not know...collecting rain water in Colorado is illegal  (I'm such a rebel!)  We headed off to the Cowboy Kmart (farm store) and asked the guy for a water holder...he announced that they DO NOT SELL rain barrels, just big containers, what we put in them is up to us,(smiling he tells us,"they come with spigot attached").  He called someone on a walkie talkie and lead us to a secret back lot where they were locked up like little prisoners.  $49.95 and we will be having our own water for the plants.  

put the drain and chain up...Bobby is a genius when it comes to "rigging" things.
there it is...once we get it spray painted with lovely colored paint and a few plants on it it will be camouflaged.

We did a little lawn organizing, put lights up on the Umbrella and installed the summer entertainment : a bug zapper.  
Made a little seating area for people watching.

The last project I started was trying to figure out how to put a bit of shade over the porch swing. It's so hot in the midday it doesn't get any use. I figured if I could get some heavy canvas and put it over the top of the swing (which should eventually have trumpet vine growing over it) I could get a bit of removable shade.

I purchased 5 yards of white canvas (the only color they had) and will start sewing something that will flop over the top support similar to a tent.  We'll see.

So,that was it for Sunday.  School on Monday and another week passes by.
write ya later


Cynthia Dark and Light said...

What the hell. Why is collecting rainwater illegal. You think they would encourage that as opposed to simply watering from the tap. I'm intrigued and will be googling that one. I like the color of the rainbarrel as is. It looks copper against the blue siding which is very complementary. The fish chain is cool too. One of these days I'll get around to posting some of my garden pics. For now too busy in the garden to share much.

miss. chief said...


i can't even form a complete sentence over that, that's how stupid it is

Lapetitemort said...

Oopsie, I didn't know that?! I also pile up my snow in big containers to save for spring watering...

Our dishwasher has been broken since we moved in, so I wash dishes in a tub that fits in the sink (with natural cleaner) and lug that out to water the gardens too.

I love that barrel and the chain. Your back yard is cute!

Mint Julep said...

Your back yard looks so good! I can't wait to feel the urge to get back out in the yard. Doesn't look like it's going to be this year.

v8grrl said...

cyn and chief: It's crazy...they own the water...anything that may end up in the septic system is theirs.

Petite: good girl...saving water

Mint: next will have a baby and still not want to go out :)