Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disney, It's not such a Small World

We went to Disneyland to celebrate Olive's 5th bday. It was an experience all in itself. We had a fabulous time, the waits were never longer than 20 minutes and we were treated lovely. If you ever have the chance to do your bday there, I would recommend it. From the minute we walked in the park, people smiled and said, "Happy Birthday, Olive!!" Every little kid ride we went on, we were shuffled to the front cart and greeted like royalty. The characters took a minute to pat her on the head and point to her button...smiling with their huge heads and plastic eyes. She was ecstatic...then came the questions only a 5 year old can ask honestly.

"Why are the people so FAT here, Mammoo?"

hmmmmmmm...answer kindly...what do you say to your child when there is no good answer?

"Because people are unhealthy and they eat when they aren't hungry, because they can...and sometimes it just happens. I don't know."

So Bobby and I started to look around. See what the little one was seeing that we really forget to look at anymore. We saw...Big, Big people.
We noticed in every seat at the dining areas there were over weight people...the worst was overweight people with huge strollers and overweight kids eating junk!

We stood in line with people who could not fit through the turnstiles. These people got to be shuffled through the handicapped section with people who were in wheel chairs, because they were too large to walk the park. We waited at the front of a line, waiting to board the ride a bit longer than usual, because they had to stop the ride to help a morbidly obese person get out of the cart. It appeared they were stuck. This person could not even sit with their kids because he took up an entire cart himself.

We decided this was one of the reasons the lines weren't as long...85% of the people used the handicapped section. They often were waiting much longer than the normal line.

As much as I wanted to find humor in the entire thing...I couldn't, it was sad and upsetting and often very gross. There was a lady who was so hot, we were guessing, she took her shirt off and was in a bikini top....Olive pointed out that the lady forgot to put her shirt on!

Fat Ladies Guide to Disney
here is the guide if you need it, it's quite comical...

Disney did manage to offer healthier fare and it was less expensive than outside the park. We went to House of Blues( right outside the park) where Bobby had a 12$ burger and I had a 11.99 salad...wasn't that great, but they did have beer. I later asked one of the "cast members" what we should do if we were vegetarian. He sent us to Astro's in the park who had 7$ veggie burgers and said there was also fresh fruit and such over by the Pirates. Great. So we had fruit, fresh squeezed lemon-ades and kept well hydrated...we were fine. You just had to make an effort. We saw many people eating Huge Ass Turkey legs, bags of cotton candy, Nachos and just weird stuff in general. Personally, I can't even imagine people spending that kind of $$$ in the park...We were there 13 hours one day and only spent 21$ in the park. So it can be done.

We also noticed there were no signs posted about being overweight and not being able to ride the rides. Did Disney have to conform? There were signs about pregnant or expecting mothers and about height but I don't remember seeing one sign about girth. Is that safe?

I assured Olive, things's ok, maybe they will get healthy one day, maybe they just can't help it...some people are just big...we are small, our family is it's a rough comparison...but hopefully she understood.

it's really not such a "Small World" after all is it?

***these are not the actual people I talked about and if these pictures are of you or your relatives...I did not want to offend...just think, pictures say a thousand words***


Lapetitemort said...

It's just all over too. I've started paying more attention just when I'm out and about.
It's sad because just changing little things and actually doing a little walking would help a majority of these folks.

k said...

You aren't talking about me - are you
(bikini top)

v8grrl said...

stop weren't in Disney!


Douglas said...

They are all from somewhere else. California doesn't have that many visible big people. Not allowed.

Minako said...
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