Friday, July 17, 2009

My Second Blog Post Ever...let's see how...

Let's just see how things have progresses since 2007...quite funny...because I will be working all day...6am-1030pm 2 different jobs....we will just go back and do a funny little rerun, a little something before you guys knew me...

have a great Friday

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oprah did it to me

The other day I managed to get off work early. I got home and because noone was around I grabbed a beer and crawled under the heated blanket and flipped on Oprah. I figured it would be a nice story about rape or AIDS but to my dismay it was all about the "Secret". I decided to watch; only other show on was a POKEMAN cartoon. It,the Oprah show, was the show and the day that has changed my past 2 weeks.
Now, if you haven't heard of the Secret, I'm not going to go into detail. The belief system has been around forever. The lowdown is that energy is energy...what you put out, you get back. HMMMM seems too easy, but try it yourself. Walk around with a big fat grin on your face and see how many people smile back at you. It is a simple feat yet it works and actually brings joy to others. Energy is energy, good brings good, bad brings bad. Got it?
The only problem I have with this is they talk about how everyone is here for a reason. Yeah! Here for a reason. This is great, that means I MUST have a reason, Oprah says, so it must be is where the issue comes. I sat there, peeling the label from my empty beer thinking, "reason,calling,hmmm". Am I here to take care of kids? Please say that isn't so. I have been waiting to get into nursing school, is that it? Am I here to make people, ie: husband, kids, dogs, people at work, lives easier? I couldn't come up with my calling! Damn Oprah.
The weekend came around and I found myself asking Bobby, who by the way knows his calling and has since he was 10, "Do you know what my calling is?" "How the heck would I know your calling? Why don't you try an art class?" His answer to everything...take a class. I thought some more. Jazz Club, Art Gallery, Photography? Nothing. Damn Oprah.I asked my 10 year old, "What do you think I should do when I grow up?" He says,"Mom, you make good salad. I don't know? But I want to be a Hobo that can make balloon animals." Great, I think to myself even my kid knows his calling and note to self, save money for his therapy.
For 5 days I have been asking complete strangers if they know their calling and if they have any suggestions on my calling. You would be amazed at how many people KNOW where and what they are here for! I on the other hand can't start my Secret Life because i'm clueless. I have received some great ideas. My favorite idea is to become an elephant trainer. This suggestion came with the note attatched, GOOGLE where to get an elephant. That person is a genius, he knew that would be my first question, "Where the heck will I get an elephant?" My last idea was a body builder (mostly to just see if I could complete the task) and when I told my sissy, she said, "Myssi, that's a great idea...go for it, do it for your you'll look great sitting on your elephant." (this is why I LOVE her)
She's right. I'll look great on my elephant. I can't wait to get started. Bobby thinks I'm insane anyways, and he's pretty busy with band stuff ,so he may not even notice. The kids will enjoy the elephant.
My calling and the Secret. I want to put it out there. Yessiree, Oprah did it to me. Think about it. The same day I figured out my Calling I was sent an email from the school I'm waiting to get into that it could be another 3 years before I get in. Screw Nursing school. Elephants, smiling and buff body.
I'll keep you posted


Mint Julep said...

I love this post! I struggle with the same thing. I really rack my brain trying to figure out why I'm here. I have no fucking clue!! And I have been living the Secret for a long time. That is how I found Andoe. I sent out good energy asking for him and one day he appeared.
Now I'm waiting on baby and hoping that something will click when he/she comes. Just being a positive person makes life wonderful!
I'm excited to hear what wonderful things happen for you!!!

Lapetitemort said...

So, where's the elephant?!!

Look how far you have come!!

I STILL have no ideas what I want to be when I grow up. I think of starting a gypsy caravan...

v8grrl said...'s amazing, when the baby comes you may not find your calling but it is going to fill a space which you never knew you had.

remember at the same time was when you decided you were going to start hulahooping....remember? and look at how far you went with that!