Friday, July 31, 2009

WOWZA...Friday...longest day ever?

Possibly...but hey what the heck, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
Speaking of which, I left the 12 year old at home to babysit the 5 year old, and am hoping I still have a free standing house when I get back this evening. I left clear instructions with the 5 year old to be nice, no crying, listen to her Bubba and please, please...don't destroy anything...including the neighbor's house. On top of that, when I left...the Bubba was still sleeping. Not a real good start, but I fed the wee one, PB&J waffles,with added syrup (that outta keep her wound tight as a bobbin for about 4 hours) and turned on Dora. The only question I got was, "Does this mean I can wear whatever I want today?" Sure kid...have at it....and with that said, I'm pretty sure she is putting on winter tights, a dress that is too small and some sort of Princess regalia over top.
Whatever floats your boat...because I will be at the hospital til 1:30 then off to the nursing home for my first shift alone....until 10:30pm...the goal for me to day is, make sure everyone is pilled and still breathing by the change of guards....cross your fingers for me.
I chose not to work at all this weekend.
Maybe tubing? if it clears up?
I guess I'll just take one day at a time....
I'll let you know if I make it through the night
hey isn't that a song?


Lapetitemort said...

And now I can't help but thinking of Donna Summers "She works hard for the money..." and envisioning you dancing around beds as you hand out pills.
But seriously, you do! And you deserve a weekend off.

spiffydoug said...

I used to leave my kids alone at that age, because I had no other choice and no one ended up in jail before they were adults. Have fun with the seizure set :-)