Wednesday, August 19, 2009

clean living again...finally

carpet guy came...ahhhhhhhhhh much better.

dirty windows, I see...that will be today.

are you supossed to tip the carpet guy? I tipped him 40$...hell he had a I figured he could give the helper the forty and keep the other 180$. They also did the stairs and the basement shag...which will never be better until removed.

I worked on Olive's should be done by tomorrow.


Mint Julep said...

You're generous!
Love the olive green couch!

justjp said...

Nice joint!

v8grrl said...

Thanks JP...
I need to put some of the furniture back , but we love our 1964 white brick retro "mansion"

You should see the SHAG in the basement

k said...

yes - tip the carpet guy - but that was really a tip - we always have morning cleanings - then tip enough for each guy to have a fatty & a forty.