Tuesday, August 18, 2009

constructive behavior

I took my lunch break and used the time to cut out a dress for Olive using McCalls Pattern M5796...I hope she loves it. I'm sure she will, the girl LOVES dresses.
I need to whip up some bloomers and buy leggings for the school year, because modest she is not and I don't think all the other little kids in her class really want to look at her Hello Kitty Panties.
I love to sew...I just hate the long process of it and I hate that I never get it right on the first round. you know?

The carpet cleaners come tonight (thank god), so we are eating veggie burgers outside, then I can sew in the sewing room.

If anyone knows of a good look for curtains I need it. I bought some fabric to curtain up my windows (yes, I just used curtain as a verb) if the craft room.
I was looking at the new BH&G and they had a little spread on the color coral.
I never liked coral, but then again, i guess I do like coral because it revved my engines. I knew Bobby wouldn't go for a room of coral so I picked my craft room aka the laundry room.

I can't wait.
but I have to, because I am a slow mover...
and occasional shaker.

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