Thursday, August 13, 2009

crafty...semi crafty

Last night I went home and decided to sew. I attempted to make some Oilcloth lunch sacks and totally screwed them up. I need to go back and get more fabric today so I can try it again. They are cute. I just didn't measure well. (because, people like me have no time for measuring) I'll post the pictures when I'm done...I'm not putting a bunch of effort into them since they are for the kids and possibly a gift or 2.

the problem is the cloth I'm using from Hancocks has fuzzy on the inside, but I don't want to line it. (Lazy)I don't know...Maybe I SHOULD line it. Any suggestions?

Friday we are picking up my Hutch so that I can start making my craft room better. Well, If you have any suggestions on the little bags let me know. I'll post MY pictures of MY bags tonight.


Lapetitemort said...

Ooh! cute! I cannot wait to see yours!

k said...

first - make the reversible - make sure you use the correct size needle

second = please don't make Ilin's with flowers

v8grrl said...

that's a good idea...double it..then it will be reversible.

i really don't think Ilin would care if it had flowers. hahahha

but I won't i got some cool black stuff