Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls night baking

Olive and I had girls night while the boys were at Rockstar Practice. We usually eat dinner in the living room on towels in front of the TV. Olive gets to pick the meal...I pick the show...She drinks whole milk (gasp) and I usually have a glass of wine. Today we broke stride...I suggested we do something fun. Mostly this is because we went to Target and she had a huge breakdown as I gently tried to not strangle her while explaining: we, (meaning she) do not always get a TOY when we go to Target, regardless of size or price. It went over like the Zeppelin...except in slow motion, which required a 7 minute time out in the middle of the store. This is always a bummer, but you know, things have to be dealt with in a timely manner and sometimes this is where it happens.

back on topic...

We decided to use the huge zucchini my office mate gave me to make chocolate zucchini cupcakes. I do not cook well. Not to say that I don't LOVE to cook, I just suck at it. You have to measure, follow directions, and not forget to set the timer in order for it all to do it's magic. I am not good at magic or directions; I am a wing-it girl.
Olive is good at dumping, cracking eggs, and, I stir, pick out eggshells, and handle the hot we set off as a team to see what we could do.
We used every cooking utensil in the kitchen.

look how chocolatey!!!

We completed the task with cream cheese peanut butter frosting. oh yeah and sprinkles...because everything is better with sprinkles.

The cupcakes were as moist as could be, the chocolate chips melted into gooey yummness...they weren't too sweet (but that is because I didn't have enough brown sugar), and that peanut butter cream cheese stuff...oh my god...who needs cake when you have that stuff.
the recipe came from Smitten Kitchen (for the frosting).
When we were baking the cuppy cakes I turned to my partner and said
"Now we must clean up".
She looked at me and said,
" I wasn't your partner, I wasn't helping...i was I don't have to clean up....I'm gonna watch just a bit of TV before dinner."
The kitchen is clean, Olive is bathed and now I am going to watch TV with my Girls Night Vat of Vino...
next time you need a project...remember me.

write ya later,
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