Friday, August 7, 2009

It smells like the ZOO...

As Olive came down the stairs this morning she yells to me,
"Mammoo, come here!"
"What? Come on we gotta go!"
"No, Mammoo...come here...smell right around here..."
as she waves her hand like a magic wand over the carpeted stair landing.
"Mammoo...smell...It smells like the Zoo right here."


Damn Dogs...

Time to call the carpet cleaners, in all reality, I'm saving my extra money from my new job for hardwood floors and a personal trainer, not necessarily in that order.

smells like the Zoo....Lord, give me strength


Mint Julep said...

That Olive, what a cutie.
Seriously, though, that's why I won't have indoor pets. The smell. And the hair. No thanks.

v8grrl said...


stupid dogs...and cats...and that thing that comes thru the dog door in the middle of the night


k said...

You do NOT want hardwood with kids & dogs. Scatches, dents, exprensive refinishing. Believe me - The new laminates look & feel like the real thing. A word from your sister.

Lapetitemort said...

I feel your pain. We have two BIG indoor dogs, two ferrets. I'm a wacko with vacumming, sweeping, mopping.
This sounds weird, but if you take a mop (or even better one of those square sponge type numbers) and put it in vinegar water, ring it out and rub the carpet, let dry, vacuum, the smell goes away. Vinegar smell goes away too.