Friday, August 14, 2009

morning sunshine

Every morning I come to work without my makeup on. I know I shouldn't but I'm tired and getting a 5 year old out of the house in a timely manner takes every bit of essence out of me. So, instead, I come to work with makeup in bag and do it in my office. whatever. Sometimes I don't do it at all.
So, yesterday morning, Wendy says, "let's go down to the cafeteria and get some breakfast." OKie dokie. We head down the stairs and I say, "shit, I didn't put on my eyes" (because this is what Southern girls with blonde/red eyelashes say).
"Who exactly do you plan on seeing in our dumpy cafeteria?"
Well ya know what ? You never know. You should always be ready...just in case someone famous is down there and you want to comment on their last movie or book and not scare the bajeesus outta them.
"yea, I guess you are right", I said. "Who could be there?"
I mean really, short of the overweight I.T. guy eating his weight in green chili burritos and the occasional street person...who could I see down there.
Breakfast it is.
As I came around the corner, who was standing waiting for some scrambled egg whites or whatever a Greek God at the Hospital eats....
This Guy...or at least someone who looked just like that, in nice scrubs.

I ducked my head down as I heard Wendy laughing. Really!? REALLY? Where does HE work....? must be ER...
Wendy sidles up next to me as I get my water and I glance over my shoulder ...he's checking out Wendy's legs as far as I can tell.
"Oh My GOD...I am never listening to you again...I TOLD you, you never know!!!"
note to self...always put on your eyes...just in case, even if Wendy says, "It's just street people and I.T guys".


Lapetitemort said...

You mean people that look like that actually work in hospitals?!!
Lucky - most of the men I worked with in my field still had mullets until a few years ago.

v8grrl said...

that is what I'm saying...we never see any good looking guys, excepr for the occasional ambulance driver


k said...

Dr. McSteamy Yummy

Douglas said...

I know that IT guy!

bakingwithplath said...

oh herro