Sunday, August 2, 2009

the new Barbie Fashions

Olive has a new career...
Barbie clothes design and hair. Lovely. she finds scraps of fabric and whips up new clothes using string rubberbands and's actually really funny. Yesterday they all had "bras" fashioned from tissue...even Ken, lucky guy. Enjoy the styles...she may be the next Marc Jacobs
haircut...and bow, from stuffed dog...this Barbie had long flowing locks last week.
Look at the Wedge cut she gave this girl...
star skirt, with light blue elastic belt
good for those PMS days
front view....notice the matching hair bow
Oh...and this Barbie skateboards in a dress...
(of course she does,unlike when I was a kid...she just wore high heeled Gogo boots and looked like a hooker)


spiffydoug said...

Great job of fashion design. I especially like the posing in the flower pot. She has a great fashion sense like her Mom.

k said...

Give her the legos - Kevyn made all her Barbie furniture, cars and anything else you could imagine out of them.